Physical Wellness


This month Project 40 is asking you to take care of yourself! Being happier requires both physical wellness and self-compassion. Fitness, proper sleep hygiene and nutrition can improve your overall health and well being. But the barrage of self-deprecating thoughts that you have can actually negatively effect your mind and your body.

The practice of self-compassion, where you turn your inner dialogue from critical to supportive, has been proven to greatly increase both physical and mental health. Studies have shown that individuals who use self-compassion daily are more emotionally intelligent, get better sleep, and are overall more motivated. The benefits are astonishing and self-compassion is actually quite simple to perform. Watch this month’s Happy Hack on self-compassion to find out more about the benefits and how you can work on nourishing your mind and body. 

Self-Compassion's Social Media Challenge

Want to win a prize!?

  1. To enter just tweet or post to @WITProject40 and tell us what is your daily self-compassion mantra!
  2. Use the hashtags #nourishyourself and #witproject40
* You can also pick up a Project 40 wristband to take part in our self-compassion exercise in The Center for Wellness!